Random Stuff

Desktop7 Desktop8 Desktop9 Desktop10 Desktop11 Desktop12 Desktop13 Desktop14 Desktop15 Desktop16 Desktop181. Sunset @Los Angeles
2. Tired Monday Morning, New Scarf
3. Photoediting
4. Great Afternoon; Shades of Grey Part 3, Tea and Sweets
5. Nana Tea for Breakfast
6. Great Chat with C.
7. Friday last lesson - Maths/ Viva la Weekenda
8. Pizza after School
9. Linda from Hanover is in da Hoooooood! We love Los-Angeles-Park
10. Pimp my Chalk!
11. Linda Love
12. School can Begin, with NERDS!
13. Autumn
14. Missing the Sun from LA
15. Ready for HipHop - 5. Hour ExtremWorkshop
16. On Stage
17. Ready for Shoot
18. Black Angel, White Angel Timberlands
19. Finally met Maria & Camera
20. Waiting for the Rain to stop
21. Happy
22. Starbucks with my Bestie